Ground Pine

Ground Pine

Latin Name: lycopodium clavatum
Alternative Name: club moss, foxtail, vegetable sulfur, staghorn, wolf’s claw, selago, lycopod, stag’s horn moss
Forms Available: root, leaf,stem, spores

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Ground Pine – lycopodium clavatum – An evergreen plant with leaves, stem and roots but no flowers or seeds. In the middle ages, this herb was used as a diuretic for treating urinary and kidney problems – flushing calculus and stones from the kidneys. The spores are applied as a powder to wounds and skin diseases such as eczema. This herb is widely used in homepathic remedies. For full description, see club moss.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Has been used to flush calculas and kidney stones. The spores, applied externally as a powder, are used to treat wounds and skin diseases.

Other Uses: When properly gathered, the herb becomes a charm of power and protection. Wear it, add it to incense, and use it to commune with the Gods and Goddesses.

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