Bergamot Mint

Bergamot Mint

Latin Name: mentha citrata

Forms Available: essential oil, leaf

Bergamot Mint – Mentha citrata – This herb is sometimes confused with the Citrus of the same name. Bee Balm is also called bergamot at times. This is a hairless mint with thin smooth leaves and purple runners, it has purplish flowers. In full sun it develops a strong citrus scent and the whole plant is tinged purple. In shade the color is more coppery. Use it as an aromatic herb in potpourri or to make a honey-sweetened drink. The flavor is not so good for cooking. Also called Eau De Cologne Mint.

Other Uses: The leaves of bergamot mint are slipped into wallets and purses to attract money. Fresh leaves are also rubbed onto money before spending it to ensure it’s return. Also used in “success” rituals and spells.

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