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Latin Name: thymus vulgaris
Alternative Name: common thyme, mother of thyme, garden thyme.
Forms Available: essential oil, leaf, powder, whole, above-ground portions of the herb

Thyme – thymus vulgaris – Also known as Common Thyme, Mother of Thyme, and Garden Thyme. A Druid sacred herb, culinary Thyme aids the digestion of fatty foods and is part of bouquet garni and Benedictine liqueur. Thyme oil is distilled from the leaves and flowering tops and is a stimulant and antiseptic. It is a nerve tonic used externally to treat depression, colds, muscular pain and respiratory problems. The oil is added to acne lotions and mouthwashes. Research has confirmed Thyme strengthens the immune system.
Thyme is an excellent lung cleanser. Use it to dry up and clear out moist phlegm and to treat whooping cough. It makes a good tea for the mother after childbirth, as it helps expel the placenta. Steep one-half teaspoon fresh herb or one teaspoon dried herb in one-half cup of hot water for five minutes. Take up to one and a half cups a day in quarter-cup doses. A natural antiseptic, thyme is often used in salves for wounds, swellings, sciatica, and failing eyes. The tea relieves gas and colic -as does the oil, taken in 1-5 drop doses. The tincture can be used in 10-20 drop doses, taken three times a day. Use thyme for headaches and hangovers.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Abscess; Acne; Bruises; Burns; Cuts; Dermatitis; Eczema; Insect Bites; Lice; Arthritis; Gout; Muscular Aches and Pains. Key Qualities: Stimulating; Restorative; Warming; Reviving; Refreshing; Purifying; Antidepressant.

Other Uses: Thyme is burned in incense to purify an area. A place where wild thyme grows will be a particularly powerful energy center on earth. A magical cleansing bath can be make by pouring a tea made with thyme and marjoram into the bathwater.

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