Latin Name: nicotiana tabacum
Alternative Name: tabacca, tabaci folia
Forms Available: leaf

Tobacco – nicotiana tabacum – This annual or biennial has large, long leaves and green-white to rose tubulur florwers. The cured, dried leaves are smoked as a narcotic, but the poisonous nicotine they contain causes heart and lung disease and cancer. North and South American tribes smoke the leaves in ceremonies and apply poultices to sprains, to infected cuts and bites, and to problem skin. The juice is applied externally to relieve facial neuralgia, and wet leaves offer a quick cure for hemorrhoids. Research has revealed a chemical in the leaves that inhibits tumors.

Other Uses: Candidates for some shamanic systems must drink tobacco juice to induce visions as part of their trainng. Tobacco has long been used in religious ceremonies by some of the American Indians. Indeed many peoples still regard the plant as sacred

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