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Latin Name: valeriana officinalis
Alternative Name: garden heliotrope, vandal root, st. george’s herb, all-heal, amantilla, bloody butcher, capon’s tail, capon’s trailer, cat’s valerian, english valerian, fragrant valerian, phu, red valerian, wete wale, wet well
Forms Available: essential oil, root

Valerian – valeriana officinalis – Also known as Garden Heliotrope, Vandal Root, and St. George’s Herb. Valerian has compound leaves with a fresh pea pod scent, and clusters of honey scented flowers in midsummer. Both have unpleasant fetid undertones. Their musky root is used in stews and perfumes and unskinned root is a tranquilizer. The herb treats headaches, muscle cramps and irritable bowel syndrome and is used topically for wounds, ulcers, and eczema. Laboratory tests show anti-tumor activity. Composted leaves are rich in minerals. Do not take large doses or continuously. Although the root of the herb has a strong pungent scent, some cats love it more than catnip.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Insomnia; Nervous Indigestion; Migraine; Restlessness; Tension States. Key Qualities: Sedative; Depressant of the Central Nervous System; Mildly Hypnotic; Regulator; Calming; Soothing; Grounding.

Other Uses: A sprig of the plant pinned to a woman’s clothing will cause men to ‘follow her like children’. Valerian Root is added to Love Sachets. Put in pillows to promote deep rest. Use in spells for: Protection; Purification; Harmony; Peace; Happiness; Love.

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