Alternative Name: heath, scottish heather, common heather, ling.
Forms Available: flowering shoot

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Heather – Calluna vulgaris – A Druid Sacred Herb, there are more than a thousand cultivars from this low-growing, evergreen species, which has scale like leaves and crowded racemes of flowers. Heather provides a support system for rural farmers, who use it for fuel, thatch, fodder, tea, and as a dye. Growing the plants increases the soils fertility.
The flowering shoots of heather are used for insomnia, stomach pains, coughs, and skin problems. Heather, used fresh or dry, strengthens the heart and slightly raises the blood pressure. Heather is slightly diuretic. Fresh or dried heather shoots are simmered, four teaspoons to a cup of water; the dose is one-half cup a day.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Used as a cleanser and detoxifyer. A diuretic.

Other Uses: Heather is a Goddess herb associated with the planet Venus and sacred to Isis. It is carried as a guard against rape and other violent crimes, or just to bring good luck. White heather is the best for this purpose.

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