Latin Name: alpinia officionalis or a. galanga
Alternative Name: low john the conquerer, chewing john, china root, colic root, east india catarrh root, galingal, gargaut, india root, kaempferia gaanga, rhizoma galangae, galanga, kæmpferia galange, siamese ginger.
Forms Available: essential oil

Galangal – alpinia officionalis or A. galanga – Also known as Low John the Conquerer or Siamese Ginger. Galangal has dark green, sword-shaped leaves, white flowers with pink veins, round red seed capsules, and a rhizomous rootstalk that smells of ginger and camphor. The rhizome has a spicy, gingerlike flavor used in Southeast Asia soups and curries. The young shoots and flowers are eaten raw and the flowers can be boiled or pickled. The rhizome yields an essential oil, essence d’Amali, used in perfumes.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Galangal is used as a treatment for seasickness. It is also used, with other herbs, to treat intestinal candida.

Other Uses: Use tincture for luck, money, protection, exorcism and psychic development. Ginger can be substituted.

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