Latin Name: prunus spinosa
Alternative Name: sloe, mother of the wood, wishing thorn
Forms Available: leaf, twig, fruit

Blackthorn – prunus spinosa – Also know as Sloe, Mother of the Wood, or Wishing Thorn. This tree has small, serrated, oval leaves on dark, thorny branches with purple blooms and black fruit. The leaves yield a mouthwash. The astringent fruits make Sloe gin. Traditionally, the wood was used to make clubs.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Has been used for fever reduction. Also has expectorant properties.

Other Uses: Returns evil to sender. The thorns are used for sticking into black figure candles or poppets of enemies that will not leave you alone. Hung over doorways or carried, the sloe wards off evil and calamity, banishes demons and negative vibrations.

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