Latin Name: rubus fructicosus. rubus villosus, rubus allegheniensis
Alternative Name: bly, bramble, brombeere, fingerberry, bramble-kite, bumble-kite, cloudberry, dewberry, thimbleberry, brummel, brameberry, scaldhead, brambleberry, r. cuneifolius
Forms Available: root, leaf, bud, berry

Blackberry – rubus villosus – A Blackberry leaf decoction is a blood and skin tonic, and a poultice treats eczema. The juicy purple-black fruit are rich in fiber and Vitamin C. The root is a classic remedy for diarrhea and is reputed to clean the kidneys and urinary tract of stones and gravel. Simmer two teaspoons for the root per cup of water for twenty minutes, and take a quarter cup four times a day. The buds and leaves are used fresh in poultices for wounds, burns, mouth sores, and sore throats. Chew the leaves or make a poultice. The berries are slightly binding and are useful in diarrhea, as are the leaves.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: The astringent property of blackberry make it useful for treating diarrhea and sore throats.

Other Uses: Sacred to Brighid, the leaves and berries are used to attract wealth or healing. This is a Goddess herb, belonging to the planetary sphere of Venus. Protection, health, prosperity, pie for Lughnassadh, to commemorate the harvest.

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