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DIY diffusers: How to make essential oil diffuser kits at home

Many want to buy and try using essential oils. But the problem is, they do not know where to start. Though they know and have heard about the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy, they are hardly ready to take the risk of buying and using oils. What stops them is their lack of knowledge in the subject and the fear that essential oils may inflict harm on their body or upset their living environment. To eliminate all your fears and take a small step toward aromatherapy, you can try making diffuser oils and kits at home. You can make essential oils for diffuser by mixing your favorite oils with mineral oil. You can make diffuser kits with just simple glass bottles and reeds. Here’s how to do it.

Aromatherapy oil diffusers – How to do them? Aromatherapy starts with your knowledge of essential oils. You should be completely aware of the basic properties you plan to use and also why you want to use them. If you want to use essential oils just for the sake of their aromas, you can as well try out synthetic fragrances. On the other hand, if you are interested in curing or healing your problems through aromatherapy, you need to learn the properties, reactions and therapeutic-grade levels and usages of essential oils you plan to use in diffuser kits. Added to that,  you need to know the contraindications of essential oils you plan to apply.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make diffuser oils and diffuser oil kits:

1. Glass bottles: Collect used or new glass bottles. Let the bottles be dark, have small mouths and wide bases. You actually don’t need a stopper for a bottle as the reeds will replace the stopper. However, for blending purposes and self safety, you can have a stopper.

2. Buy the supplies: Preparing a diffuser oil is not that easy. You need to get familiar with the basics of essential oils, contact your health care provider and buy all the essential oil ingredients. You can buy the oils at a craft store, a local chemist or botanist or manufacturer or even at an online essential oil depot. Do ask the buyer for the uses of every other essential oil you buy and also, ensure that you buy only therapeutic grade essential oils. You can use a variety of essential oil blends, which include –  Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Citrus, Chamomile and other blends for relaxation.

3. Make the diffuser oil: Mix all the ingredients of the essential oils in a diffuser kit and blend well. You need to add a few other things like dipropylene glycol and mineral oil. While the mineral oil blends the ingredients well, the dipropylene glycol will help with diffusion through reeds. The mineral oil, if efficient, will also make the essential oil better and last longer.

4. Shake the ingredients: Once you have done collecting your ingredients, blend them well by pouring them on to the chosen aroma bottle. You can press your thumb over the stopper-less bottle without spilling the oils or shaking them out of the bottle.

5. Make your reed diffuser: When you are done with the blending, bring your reeds and place them inside the mouth of the bottle. Use about 10 to 15 reeds. If the reeds are lengthier, cut them short to make them diffuse scents quicker and easier. It is enough if the reeds protrude about 6 inches from the mouth of the bottle. Since reeds are porous, they absorb the oils and yield the maximum effect.