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Holistic aromatherapy: A faster way to stress release and detoxification

Hypocrites, father of medicine, said, “The way to good health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.” Aromatherapy is that important in daily life. When incorporated into daily routine on a regular basis, aromatherapy can invigorate an individual and keep him disease and stress-free. As essential oils are plant oils that are high on immunity, using them for your body can mean establishing a protective, disease-resistant shield around you. Holistic aromatherapy is something which tries to impart general well-being in an individual.

Holistic Aromatherapy: Holistic aromatherapy is a subtle kind of treatment which incorporates 100% use of pure essential oils to keep up good health. Though aromatherapy uses only aromatic oils, it is different from fragrance oils and applies pure oils based on your physical, emotional and mental health. Derived from the Greek word “Holos”, holistic aromatherapy means treating the body as a whole – that is, using essential oils for the welfare of the whole body. This is often a periodic treatment and involves use of all kinds of oils, massage therapies, diffuser and vaporizer treatments to detoxify and heal your body.
What does Holistic Aromatherapy do? Holistic aromatherapy is often used on a regular basis than at the time of disease. It is known to strengthen people against dis-ease to increase stamina and help with convalescence and recovery. To treat your body holistically, you can follow a variety of treatments. It is different from therapy in that, an aromatherapist uses 100% pure essential oils mixed with carrier oils. The choice of oils can be determined by the individual’s state of health. The client’s time of visit is also of importance as the aromatherapist decides based on the current physical and emotional needs of the person.

Holistic aromatherapy – Applications: Holistic aromatherapy, like general aromatherapy, can be used in various ways. The basic and most common application is that of massaging. Massage oils are made by mixing pure essential oils with vegetable or carrier oils like Grapeseed oil. Another common methods include, vaporization, inhalation, use of compresses, bath salts/aromatic baths etc.

An essential oil’s chemical structure can be identical to the plant from which it is extracted. Changes occur in the extraction process and in many cases, an oil’s composition can be completely altered because of the mode of extraction. Several extraction processes are used, which include distillation, enfleurage, maceration and volatile solvents. Aromatic plants can grow in great numbers in several parts of the world. The soil, region, weather and extraction methods of a plant affect the chemical structure of an oil. Owing to this, holistic aromatherapy conducted in one part of the world maybe different from the one practiced in other parts of the world. To ensure that essential oils are of high quality, check with your aromatherapist on whether he uses therapeutic grade oils that are extracted from the right place of origin.