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Scented lights, tranquil aromas: 5 steps to make aromatherapy candles

Imagine a nice romantic evening bath surrounded by aromatic candles or an aromatic candle-light dinner at the rooftop of your home. Aromatic candles have become a fad now. People just love them due to their relaxing and calming effects. Aromatic candles go one step further and yield a soothing aroma while they burn. Light and aroma make the whole environment magical and romantic. It is a great recipe for any down-in-the-dumps evening or night. What more, candles burn without emitting intense heat like electric lights and that renders a cool air in the room where the candles are placed. This article will explain what aromatherapy candles are and how to make them at home.

Aromatherapy candles – Truths you need to know: What can be more exotic than light scented with an aroma? But not all aromatherapy candles are natural or synthetics-free. Most of the candles, labeled as made with essential oils, have paraffin wax in them. As a petroleum product, paraffin wax is not natural and is not like the natural occurring beeswax, soy wax or vegetable oil wax. Similarly, stores that claim to be selling natural substances may sell aromatic candles that are made using synthetic fragrances. This is because it takes a lot of essential oil to make an aromatherapy candle. Since this may not be affordable for some manufacturers, they tend to use synthetic perfumes to make aromatic candles. When such a candle burns, it may not emit natural aromas, but toxic ones. So, when you shop for aromatherapy candles, look for indications of natural substances that are included in the candle. A manufacturer who does not list the ingredients used may have made the candles using synthetics. Similarly one who claims the oil to be made with essential oils may actually have used chemical fragrances. To avoid falling into chemical, synthetic substances, check if your candle manufacturer has a label like any of these: ‘Made with 100% natural substances’, ‘Contains no synthetic ingredients’, ‘Paraffin Wax Free’ etc.

How to make aromatherapy candles: Making aromatic candles is easy if you know the trick of the trade – candle making. Votive candles are the easiest to make and this recipe is one that guides you in making a votive aromatic candle.

1. Melt your wax and prepare mixture: To start with, get your wax mixture ready. Use a double boiler and melt your wax for about 175 degrees F. When the wax is completely melted, add additives like stearic acid, fragrance essential oil and dye (for coloring). Ensure all these ingredients are natural and have no synthetics in them. Mix all the ingredients well while the wax is in melted form.

2. Pour into molds: Pour the wax into your votive molds. See to it that you do this in a slow and steady manner to avoid spilling. Maybe use a sheet of paper or cardboard under the molds to save your kitchen table from being spoiled. Pour till the lip and save 20% of your wax. You may require the wax a second time.

3. Insert the wicks: Once the wax has congealed a bit, insert the pre-tabbed wicks into the votive molds. Make sure that the wicks are placed at an approximately straight point and see to it that the pre-tabbed end meets the end of the wax mold. Cooling may cause the wicks to go off-center. At such times, bring them back to their center positions with a slight firmness.

4. Re-pour wax: When the wax has cooled for about  3 to 4 hours, you will notice that there are sink holes in the molds. The wax has shrunken a bit and needs to be re-filled with new wax to level the candle. Heat the 20% remaining wax to 190 degrees F and pour into the molds. Pour till the lip, but do not spill.

5. Remove from molds and use: When you notice the votive molds have cooled, you can remove the candles from the molds by placing them in freezer for five minutes. Use the candles in votive containers/holders as these candles melt a lot.