Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Latin Name: sarenoa serrulata
Alternative Name: plametto, sabal
Forms Available: berry

Saw Palmetto – sarenoa serrulata – This herb has properties which help regulate the thyroid activity and, in turn, helps to regulate sexual development. This herb is anabolic – it helps build body tissue, hence encouraging weight gain. It is prescribed for low sex drive, impotency, and testicular atrophy in men. It stimulates breast enlargement in women. This herb also reduces enlarged prostrate glands. It is a diuretic, encouraging the flow of urine and thereby aiding in the flushing of infections in the gastro/urinary tract. Another nickname this plant has is “plant catheter” – this is because it’s use strengthens the neck of the bladder.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Men – treats the prostrate that is enlarged, increases sex drive. Women – increases breast size. This herb builds and strengthens the body tissue, encouraging weight gain. A diuretic.

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