Latin Name: rubus idaeus
Alternative Name: red rasberry
Forms Available: leaf, root, stem, tea, coffee

Raspberry – rubus idaeus – The raspberry plant is extremely edible – the fruit is eaten raw or cooked, the root cooked, the shoots raw or cooked and the leaves make both an herb tea or a coffee substitute. Medicinally, the leaves are the most used part particularly for female issues. A tea, made from the leaves, is a tonic for the uterus both strengthening and toning the muscles, treating irregular or excessive menstruation, and relieving menstrual cramps. The leaves are also a remedy for diarrhea. Externally, in a wash or poultice, the leaves and root treat sores, wounds, varicose ulcers and burns. They can also be used in a gargle to relieve oral inflammations.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: The leaf is the most used part – used to strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus, relieves diarrhea, treats irregular or excessive menstruation, relieves menstrual cramping, treats burns and minor wounds.

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