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Latin Name: prunella vulgaris
Alternative Name: all heal, woundwort, blue curis, brownwort, heal-all, self-heal, panay, heart of the earth
Forms Available: whole plant

Prunella – prunella vulgaris – also known as all-heal. This plant has very astringent properties and is used, mostly, to stop bleeding. Internally, prunella is used to reduce bleeding, abate fevers, calm sore throats and treat diarrhea. In chinese medicine it is used as an antibiotic. Externally, in a wash or poultice, prunella stops bleeding and aids in the healing of wounds. Also, externally, it can be applied topically to treat hemorrhoids.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: This plant stops bleeding and aids in the healing of wounds. Internally, it reduces bleeding, calms sore throats, abates fevers.

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