Latin Name: lobelia inflata
Alternative Name: indian tobacco, asthma weed, gagroot, pukeweed
Forms Available: root, flower, seed

Lobelia – lobelia inflata – annual or biennial. One to two foot high. Native American Indians used this herb for smoking, hence another name for it, indian tobacco. It was smoked to relieve lung problems such as asthma, pleurisy, whooping cough and bronchitis. It has expectorant properties, loosening phlegm. Chemical properties similar to nicotine so is a herb used to help escape addiction to nicotine. A poultice of lobelia can be used to relieve sprains, bites, stings, muscle spasm, rheumatism, boils. etc. Large doses of this herb can be emetic and induce vomiting.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Relieves lung problems such as asthma, pleurisy, bronchitis. Nicotine substitute for people attempting to quit smoking. Emetic in larger doses. Can be used in a poultice for various external skin problems.

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