Latin Name: hedera helix
Alternative Name: common ivy, gort, hedera
Forms Available: leaf, twig

Ivy – Hedera helix – A Druid Sacred Herb. An ancient plant, believed by the Greeks to treat intoxication, its toxic leaves are used as a poultice to soothe neuralgia, rheumatism, and sciatica, and in a tincture for toothache and whooping cough. They reduce fevers, expel worms and in a compress, reduce cellulite. They contain saponins and in solution, darken hair, blacken silk and taffeta. Ivy leaves kill some amoebas, fungi and mollusks.
Tender ivy twigs are simmered in salves to heal sunburn; follow the standard instruction for salves. The leaves are used as a douche for vaginal infections. Externally, ivy is used in poultices to heal nerves, sinews, ulcers, enlarged glands, boils and abscesses.

Other Uses: Connected with the Winter Solstice when it is used for decorating. Ivy provides protection when growing on or near a house. Ivy is equated with fidelity and is woven into marriage wreaths. Use in charms to bind luck, love, and fidelity to your person.

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