Horse Balm

Horse Balm

Latin Name: collinsonia canadensis
Alternative Name: stone root, richweed, ox balm
Forms Available: root, leaf, rhizome

Horse Balm – collinsonia canadensis – This herb has many properties. It is a diuretic and tonic, used to treat kidney stones. It also removes excess fluid and toxins from the body, aiding kidney complaints, diarrhoea and urinary system problems. Horse balm also improves the function of mucous membranes. It has helped relieve irritable bowel syndrome, varicose veins and mucous colitis.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: The root tea is diuretic, a vasodilator, antispasmodic and tonic – treats urinary tract issues, diarrhoea, kidney complaints, varicose veins, irritable bowel syndrome.

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