Latin Name: euphrasia officinalis
Alternative Name: euphrosyne, red eyebright, euphrasia
Forms Available: flower, leaf, twig

Eyebright – Euphrasia officionalis – A Druid sacred herb. This semiparasitic annual extracts its nutrients from the roots of certain grasses found in poor meadowland. It has tiny oval leaves and small, scallop-edged, white flowers with yellow spots and red veins, resembling a bloodshot eye. The slightly bitter leaves have been used in salads. A whole plant infusion or strained juice from crushed, fresh stems is a general eye tonic treating strain and infections, and is a popular cosmetic wash, giving sparkle to eyes. Its antiseptic, mildly astringent, inflammation-and phlegm-reducing properties ease the irritated eyes and runny nose of hay-fever and sinusitis.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Used as a compress, eyebright relieves conjunctival inflammation of the eyes.

Other Uses: Burn as incense for clairvoyance and divination. Carry when you need to see the truth in a matter.

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