Latin Name: borago officinalis
Alternative Name: bugloss, burrage, herb of gladness, bee bread
Forms Available: oil, flower, leaf, stem, seed

Borage – borago officinalis – The flowers decorate salads and cakes and are frozen in ice cubes. The cooling, mineral-rich leaves flavor drinks, dips, and salt-free diets. A leaf and flower infusion is an adrenaline tonic taken for stress, depression, or cortisone and steroid treatment. It reduces fevers, dry coughs, and dry skin rashes.
Borage Oil is clear and slightloy thick with very little odor. It contains an abundance of gamma linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that the body uses to manufacture prostaglandins–hormone like substances that balance and regulate cellular activity. It reduces the aging process of the skin and reverses damage from ultraviolet rays. This oil is used to treat PMS, endometriosis, and menopausal discomforts, as well as for psoriasis and eczema.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Soothes mucous membranes relieving sore throats. Boosts spirit, eases arthritis and rheumatism.

Other Uses: Tea aids psychic power. Carry the leaves for protection. Carry the fresh blossoms to strengthen your courage. Use in money and business spells.

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