Latin Name: stachys officonalis, stachys betonica, betonica officinalis
Alternative Name: wood betony, bishopwort, lousewort, purple betony
Forms Available: Leaf, flower, stem, root

Betony – stachys officinalis or Stachys betonica or Betonica officinalis – Also known as Bishopwort, Wood Betony or Purple Betony. Wood betony has fairly pungent, scalloped, hairy leaves and spikes of pale magenta summer flowers. A Druid sacred herb. The aerial parts provide a tea substitute and are added to tonics and herbal cigarettes. An infusion is mildly sedative and cleansing and is a nerve and circulation tonic for migraine, anxiety, indigestion, drunkenness, and difficult labor. Wood Betony was an Anglo-Saxon protective charm

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Has been used in folk herbalism as a calming remed. Used for headaches and nerualgia. Also used as an anti-inflammatory.

Other Uses: A very powerful herb to the Druids as it has the power to expel evil spirits, nightmares and despair. Burned at Midsummer Solstice for purification and protection. Sprinkle around or near all doors and windows to form a protective barrier.

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