Latin Name: ferula asafoetida
Alternative Name: assyfetida, devils dung, food of the gods
Forms Available: resin

Asafetida – Ferula asafoetida – Also called Stinking Gum. The pungent gum is extracted from the living rootstock by notching the plant at soil level. It was a popular Roman condiment. Research suggests the plant is anticoagulant and lowers blood pressure. Used to treat stomach ailments such as intestinal flu, gas, and bloating. Add a pinch to beans as they cook.
The herb is good in cases of Candida albicans. Has been used for asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough because of it’s antispasmodic properties and is a good herb for croup and colic in babies. Another method is to give it to infants via the rectum – make an emulsion with four parts asafetida to one hundred parts water and insert. It has been used as a sedative for hysteria and convulsion.
Please Note: This herb tastes awful and is perhaps best taken in capsule form, one hundred milligrams to one gram being the dose.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Ayurvedic practice – this botanical is regarded as a remedy for nervous disorders and gastric spasms. It is also used for colic and coughing relief.

Other Uses: Use for prophetic dreams, exorcism, and protection. Worn in a bag around the neck, asafetida dispels diseases and evils of all kinds. It literally repels evil spirits! Add a clove of garlic to enhance the effect. Asafetida is a classic for exorcism.

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