The ‘pause’ button in a woman’s life: 10 essential oils for menopausal troubles

Menopause is a significant stage in the lives of women. It is an end which signals a new beginning, accompanied by a series of emotional, physical, psychological and hormonal changes. The word menopause is derived from Greek and means “monthly halt”, meaning the end or halt of a monthly process (menstruation). Menopause can set off a lot of changes in women like hot flushes, depression, physical pain, irritability, fatigue and changes in skin, hair and sexual desire. Though there are medications to treat menopause, modern women find it increasingly difficult to cope with the issue. Aromatherapists opine that menopausal women’s troubles can be alleviated using essential oils.

Essential oils for menopause: Essential oils are used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions in women and menopause is no exception to this. The best thing about using essential oils to treat menopause is, it alleviates problems without side effects (often caused by oral consumption of drugs). Menopause is a phase marked by several conditions, of which the most prominent are depression, insomnia, hot flushes, lack of sexual desire, increased fatigue and a frail existence.

Depression is one of the most common of menopausal ailments. Not able to withstand the change, many women go into a state of serious depression. This leads to lack of concentration, failure to perform and very low self-esteem. Women start failing in their roles as mothers, wives and friends. They get frenzied and touchy in their interpersonal relationships, which in turn lead to several break-ups and social problems. Anxiety is also a common denominator in such cases. The following oils can be used to treat depression in women:

1. Frankincense oil:
A great anti-depressant which works extraordinarily well on any human being, leave alone a menopausal woman.

2. Basil oil: Basil is always a healing oil. It is not just an anti-depressant but also a mental healer which helps cure mental fatigue.

3. Sweet marjoram:
This oil can cure nervous depression, irritability and anxiety to a great extent.

Insomnia is another common condition in menopausal women and the following essential oils aid in treating sleep problems during menopause:

4. Lavender oil: The best of all sleep-inducing oils, lavender oil can soothe and calm the mind to sleep. It can also be very relaxing and reduce the physical and mental stress in women.

5. Clary Sage oil: Another great essential oil to treat nervousness and mental fatigue in women. This would alleviate the tendency to be irritable also.

6. Roman Chamomile:
Chamomile oils always work great in helping with insomnia and depression. Roman Chamomile is the best of the kind and helps reduce irritability too.

Hot flushes are another headache with menopause. They make women feel low and are irritating to the core. Essential oils which help alleviate this problem are:

7. Peppermint: This oil cools a woman’s body and reduces the sudden hot flushes that happen now and then.

8. Cypress oil: Women can benefit by taking Cypress oil. It helps avoid excessive sweating and minimizes hot flushes.

Sexual life takes a back seat when women are through menopausal stage. Menopausal women lose interest in sex, have painful intercourses or labored orgasms. Essential oils can be aphrodisiacs in uplifting the sexual lives of women during these days.

9. Ylang Ylang oil can be a great aphrodisiac that help alleviate painful sexual intercourses. It can also invigorates the sexual life of menopausal women.

10. Rosemary oil: Apart from being a beneficial oil for relaxation, rosemary also uplifts one’s mood and encourages sexual participation.