Temper your blood sugar levels: 3 essential oils for diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a common condition with many people in the United States and elsewhere in the world. A silent killer disease, diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder that is characterized by insufficient amount of insulin in the blood. It has been recently discovered that diabetes can be tempered with use of essential oils. Many believe that at least the symptoms of the disease can be alleviated using aromatherapy.

Diabetes Mellitus – Why is it dangerous? Though apparently harmful, diabetes mellitus is one of the worst conditions that can happen to a human being. People suffer from the disease when the insulin levels in their body go low or when there is imbalance in blood sugar levels. Everything starts with the breaking down of carbohydrates. When the carbohydrates (which contain energy in the form of glucose) are broken down in the digestive system, they are transformed into blood glucose and absorbed into the body cells. Only insulin, a hormone secreted in the pancreas, can help in the absorption of blood sugar.  When the insulin is not secreted or there is excess or very low blood sugar in your blood stream, you become a victim of diabetes.

Diabetic patients can have two types of the disease – Type I and Type II. While the first one is caused by lack of insulin, the second one is a result of failure of regulation of glucose in the blood. Diabetes is a fatal disease which can lead to a serious of disorders like vision problems, kidney disorders, cardiovascular disease and nerve problems. The disease can even complicate pregnancy. To curb all the evils that come with the disease, it is important to temper your blood sugar levels and regulate the glucose and insulin in your body.

Essential oils and diabetes: No, essential oils can never cure diabetes completely. But they can help alleviate the symptoms of the disease and also, help reduce aggravation of the condition. Below are a few issues that essential oils can address with regard to diabetes:

1. Treat poor circulation: One of the major conditions of diabetes is poor circulation. Lack of circulation leads to a lot of painful problems and results in pain in the joints, legs and other body parts. To improve circulation, you can massage the following essential oils on to the body – Geranium, Eucalyptus and Juniper.

2. Regulate blood sugar levels: It is said that oils like Dill, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cypress etc can help regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. You can use any oil that can reduce symptoms of the disease, but avoid angelica oil as it can be harmful. You can also use any oil that may stimulate, relax, sedate or anti-inflame the body. However, it is better to consult your GP before taking up anything.

3. Essential oil blend: If you are doubtful on which body oil to use, you can apply this recipe to prepare an essential oil blend with 4% Eucalyptus, 4% Geranium, 4% Juniper and 88% vegetable oil base. Massaging this blend helps in proper overall functioning of the body. Use the blend daily before hydrotherapy.

Essential oils can ameliorate the stress of coping with the symptoms of diabetes. Aromatherapy is of great help in reducing stress, anxiety and fear, the common emotional issues of severe diabetics. It also helps temper your anger and irritability through pleasant aromas. The golden rule is, if you know to use it wisely, you can lead the life of a peaceful diabetic and handle your disease well.