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Cuticle care: Natural essential oil brush-on recipe for cuticles

Skin care should be on top of our agenda during winter time. It is not just the season but also our slackness in personal care that results in increased number of skin problems during winter. Nails need constant care specially and even if your nail is strong and fast-growing, you may need to manicure them carefully to maintain their shape and appeal. Cuticle care comes in only here.

Most of us ignore our cuticles and fail to attend to them. They grow long, making the skin around look ugly, unwanted and rough. In such a condition, use of cuticle balms are a must. Handmade cuticle balms are available in small jars/bottles commercially. Though these are good in their job of cuticle cleaning, these kinds of balms are often synthetic, made of caustic chemicals. There is an alternative to this and that is an essential oil blend for cuticle care. This article will elaborate on how to make a cuticle care blend for improving your cuticles.

Aromatherapy oils for cuticles: A clean and manicured cuticle looks better than an ugly, untamed one. To get better cuticles, you need not waste money on commercial brands or local balms. Instead, you can use your own recipe of essential oils. Your recipe will be all-natural and synthetics-free. The paste that you make will also yield an aroma that would rejuvenate you in many ways. You can brush-on this recipe on to your cuticle using a simple nail polish brush. You can use nail polish bottles (empty, new ones) to apply oils on a daily basis. Packaging can also be done in small roll-on bottles with dropper tops too.

Cuticle Oil Recipe: Cleaning your cuticles and manicuring them can be a difficult thing if you do not have the right kind of cream/oil. This cuticle essential oil recipe can help you cleanse and properly maintain your cuticles. To prepare the recipe, you will need the following supplies: ½ fl ounce cold pressed carrier/vegetable oil, 5-8 drops of essential oil and a nail polish bottle. When you plan to choose your cold pressed oil, select only oils that are rich in EFAs. Cranberry seed oil might be a great option. But any cold pressed oil might work. For essential oils, you can use oils that are soft and soothing on skin. Lavender, Tea Tree, Patchouli and Sandalwood may work well. With regard to nail polish bottles, get new or completely cleaned empty nail polish bottles.

Add the carrier oil to the nail polish bottle and add essential oils after it. Close the bottle and shake it vigorously. When the oils are blended well, use the nail polish brush to apply the cuticle recipe on to the skin surrounding your nails. Massage the oil well at least once a day. Discard any remaining cuticle oil every two weeks and prepare a new batch of oils if needed for further use.