Bathing as a ritual: How to use aromatherapy for an exotic bathing experience

Bathing is an ancient ritual that has a relaxing and luxurious effect on the body. Right from the ancient Egyptians like Cleopatra to Greeks and Romans, enjoyed the stimulating and soothing effect of bathing. This is especially true if you go in for an aromatic bath that includes essential oils as bath oils, bath salts and bath fizzies/bombs. Bathing, when adhered to as a ritual, can eliminate toxins from your body and cleanse the inner you in a more spiritual and aromatic way. This is article will discuss on how to use bathing as an exotic way to get rid of toxins, fevers etc from your body.

Bathing as a ritual: Aromatherapy baths can be extremely therapeutic, thanks to the use of essential oils to soothe and calm the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Therapeutic action of aromatherapy essential oils is two-fold. Essential oils are absorbed into the skin and enter the circulatory system; the aromas enter the limbic system through the brain and stir an impact on the major systems of the body. Soaking your body in an aromatic bath can play an important role in relaxing muscles, reducing joint stiffness, increasing suppleness and alleviating aches/pains. An aromatic bath can tone down your skin, stimulate your body and detoxify you from anxiety, tension and ill-feelings.

How to create an exotic bathing experience? Bathing can be exotic when used in the right way. Basically, the effect of bathing depends on the temperature of bath water and the kind of essential oils used. Below are a few pros and cons of having a hot, warm and cold water bath.

Hot Bath: You can have baths at about 100 – 104 degrees F or 38 to 40 degrees C. A bath hotter than this can damage your delicate blood vessels and sebaceous glands. So, ensure that you use a hot bath that can suffice your body temperature and does not incur any harm to you, whatsoever. This kind of bath can treat fevers and eliminate toxins from your body. If you feel the water maybe too hot for you to bear, use warm water initially and then add hot water to it. After your hot bath, wear warm cotton pajamas or night gown and slip into bed ensuring that you promote sweating to eliminate your body toxins. You can use the below recipe to enhance such a bathing experience. Add evergreen bath salts that can stimulate an aggressive response from your body – 1 cup of baths salt, 10 drops of Eucalyptus, 10 drops of Pine oil and 15 drops of Tea Tree oil.

Warm Bath:
A warm bath is always soothing and relaxing to the body. A warm bath can be 80 to 90 degrees F or 27 to 34 degrees C. It is a general encouragement to stimulate the natural functions of the body. Gentle on the skin and calming to the body, a warm bath can be preferred after a long, hard day at work.

Cold Bath: A cold bath can tone your skin and activate your body functions. Generally, a temperature of the bath should be 70 to 80 degrees F or 21 to 27 degrees C. Cold baths help with respiration and improve the elasticity of your muscles. Best time to engage in a cold bath is the morning as it reduces fatigue and inspires you with refreshing energy.