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As bald as a coot? 8 essential oils for hair loss treatment

Ridley was the most charming guy in grad school. Everyone liked him for his athletic build, striking eyes and dark hair. He was the guy the girls flocked to date. He was Mr. Handsome in the whole college. But in a matter of few months, Ridley began to change. His hair line started receding. Whether it was due to genes, stress or drugs, Ridley was on the verge of becoming as bald as a coot. The girls disappeared and so did his position as Mr. Handsome.

Most of you may have gone through Ridley’s trauma. Hair loss can be embarrassing and debilitating on an emotional level. Though baldness is not harmful to health, it can present to you as an older person among you peers. Definitely, a man or woman with rich, glowing hair would be considered better appearance-wise than a bald man or a thin-haired woman. Though there are many synthetic, crash-course-like hair loss treatments available in the market, nothing is as natural as treatment through essential oils.

Essential oils and hair growth:
Essential oils have been used in hair care from the ancient times. Many essential oils, invigorate hair follicles and promote growth of healthy, glowing hair. Some help cure hair loss and also treat scalp conditions like dandruff and irritation or itching. We all know that coconut oil is good for hair, but there are plenty of oils which are more beneficial than coconut oil for hair growth. While coconut oil just replenishes hair shine and overall health of hair, essential oils like Rosemary oil, Lavender oil and Basil oil regenerate the hair cells and promote hair growth.

Essential oils for hair loss treatment: Below are a few essential oils that are used extensively in hair loss solutions.

1. Rosemary oil: Rosemary increases blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth and preventing future hair loss. It helps fight dandruff owing to its skin care properties. Though a widely used oil, it is not advisable for pregnant women and people suffering from hypertension to use rosemary.

2. Basil oil: Basil oil is a natural scalp stimulator. It acts as a natural conditioner and produces a squeaky clean hair in people with an oily scalp. When used in conjunction with fenugreek, it improves blood circulation to the hair tissue and thereby, produces growth.

3. Lavender oil: Apart from being a natural soothing oil, Lavender oil is used to treat several skin problems like itchy scalp, skin problems, dandruff and hair loss.

4. Jojoba oil: A perfect base oil, Jojoba can be mixed with any oil to produce effective hair loss solutions. It works in an amazing way to treat hair loss due to dry or damaged hair. A good carrier oil, it is often used with rosemary or lavender oil in hair care treatment.

5. Tea Tree Oil: An anti-septic and anti-viral oil, Tea Tree oil is ideal for treating flu symptoms, warts, cuts, bruises, itchy skin and scalp problems. When used with Jojoba or other carrier oil, it produce great results in hair growth therapies.

6. Cypress oil: Apart from its soothing and relaxing effects, Cypress oil is efficient in hair or scalp treatment formulas. It reduces oiliness in the scalp, and is effective in fighting dandruff. A small amount of Cypress oil is sufficient for hair growth formulas.

7. Peppermint oil: A refreshing oil, it is ideal for use in the mornings. It energizes the scalp, improves circulation, promotes hair growth and eliminates dandruff and itchiness.

8. Lemon oil: High on vitamins A, B and C, lemon oil is useful for dry or oil scalp. It regulates sebum production and promotes cell regeneration. By restoring the hair pH levels, it gives the hair a healthy shine.

Apart from the above oils, cedarwood, chamomile, clary sage, thyme, burdock, grapefruit, bay, carrot seed, olive and arnica oils are used in hair care treatment.