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Renew your skin: 3 essential oil bodyscrub recipes you would love

The plight of our skin is pathetic. It is the thing that requires utmost attention, but it is also the same thing that is taken less care of. Skin diseases occur only because we take inadequate care of our skin. Our skin is damaged by weather, especially the sun, wind and pollution and this in turn, damages our body by thickening the outer layer of the skin. With a thick outer layer, all that a skin has, is roughened dead cells. One of the ways to manage a dead skin condition is to exfoliate skin cells on a regular basis. This will give a healthy glow to your skin and will also prevent it from abnormal conditions.

How to renew your skin: Essential oils can help greatly in the renewal of new skin. They help your skin exfoliate and clear of dead stuff in a better, safer way. You can use them to prepare bodyscrub that help clean and detoxify skin cells. However, usage of bodyscrub comes with its own kind of limitations. These include a list of dos and don’ts too: Do not ever rub vigorously on the body. Avoid scraping hard on sensitive skin and spend time on bumpy or rough areas. Do all the scrubbing standing under a shower or upright in a bath tub. If you happen to get dehydrated often, drink plenty of water before the exfoliation process. And finish off dehydration with natural body moisturiser.

Essential oil bodyscrubs: Essential oils are energizing and mind-awakening recipes. Below are a few bodyscrubs which are some of the best ways to exfoliate skin.

1. Herbal salt bodyscrub recipe: This is a great bodyscrub to rejuvenate your spirits and relax you in the right way. There are two varieties in this scrub recipe – one for the morning, another for the evening. Add 3 to 4 drops of Peppermint oil to 5 tbsps of sea salt and mix this together in ½ a teaspoon of carrier oil like Almond or Grapeseed. If the mixture is thick or does not have enough moisture, add water to it and blend well. You can use this scrub as a deep-cleanser and toner. For a soothing evening recipe, replace Peppermint oil with Lavender. It would not be sensitive or invigorating on the skin.

2. Ivy bodyscrub:
This is a scrub that works as a skin tonic and an astringent. It can stimulate circulation and enhance body health by getting rid of toxins, excess fluid build-ups etc. To make the scrub, combine 20 fresh Ivy leaves with 2 tbsps of course-ground oatmeal and 2 tbsps of natural yoghurt. When you get an even consistency, add Lemon essential oil and mix into a nice smooth paste. Massage the paste on to your skin, focusing on problem areas like hips, buttocks, legs and upper arms. Rinse off with water and clean completely after bath.

3. Lemongrass bodyscrub:
Lemongrass is all about liveliness and this recipe is just that. Sugar can be used to scrub the skin that to create problems inside the body. This recipe is holistic in that, it uses Lemongrass, sugar, Almond oil, Fennel oil etc. To make the bodyscrub, combine 4 tbsps of sugar with 2 tsps of Sweet Almond oil, 10 drops of Lemongrass oil, 5 drops of Geranium oil and 5 drops of Fennel oil. Blend well and massage all over your skin. Then, rinse with water and clean dry.