Latin Name: rhus sp. rhus copallina, rhus glabra
Alternative Name: smooth sumac, upland sumach, dwarf sumac, sumac
Forms Available: bark, berry, leaf, root

Sumachs – rhus sp. – dwarf sumac: rhus copallina and smooth sumac: rhus glabra. Dwarf sumac: the root has been used to treat dysentery. Externally, a poultice of the root, treats skin sores and wounds. A tea from the bark stimulates lactation. Smooth sumac: The berries have been used, internally, to reduce fevers and treat bowel problems.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Dwarf sumac – stimulates lactation, treats dysentery. Smooth sumac – berries reduce fevers and are diuretic, Externally used as an antiseptic.

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