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Latin Name: Pogostemon patchouli, heyeanus
Alternative Name: pucha-pot, pucha-pat
Forms Available: essential oil, leaf

Patchouli – Pogostemon patchouli or heyeanus – This tender, aromatic herb has upright, square stems with soft oval leaves and whorls of whitish flowers on spikes. The leaves, placed among clothes to deter insects, give Indian shawls their characteristic fragrance. Patchouli gave the distinctive scent to original India ink and Chinese red ink paste.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Acne; Athlete’s Foot; Cracked and Chapped Skin; Dandruff. Key Qualities: Stimulant in small amounts; Sedative in large doses; Aphrodisiac; Nerve Tonic; Appeasing; Calming; Uplifting.

Other Uses: Patchouli smells like rich earth, and so has been used in money and prosperity mixtures and spells. It is sprinkled onto money, added to purses and wallets, and placed around the base of green candles. Burn as incense for: Drawing Money; Fertility.

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