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Latin Name: petroselinum sativum, petroselinum crispum
Alternative Name: devil’s oatmeal, percely, persil, petersilie, petroselinum, roc parsley
Forms Available: essential oil, root, leaf, seed

Parsley – petroselinum sativum also crispum – Parsley is a taprooted biennial with solid stems, triangular, toothed and curled leaves divided into three segments, umbels of tiny cream summer flowers, and aromatic “seeds”. Grown near roses, it improves their health and scent. Leaf infusions are a tonic for hair, skin and eyes. The leaves, root, and seeds are diuretic, scavenge skin-aging free radicals, and reduce the release of histamine. The second-year roots, the leaf, and the seed are used. Parsley is diuretic and helpful for gravel and stone as well as for edema, jaundice, and kidney problems. The root is the most powerful part. The oil of the seed, five to fifteen drops, has been used to bring on menstruation. The seed, when decocted, has been used for intermittant fevers. Steep one teaspoon of leaf per cup for twenty minutes or simmer one teaspoon of the root or seed for twenty minutes. The dose is one-fourth cup, four times a day. Parsley leaves, with violet leaf and figwort herb when possible, are used in poultices for cancer. A parsley poultice will help insect bites, stings, and sore eyes. Parsley tea is used for asthma and coughs.
CAUTION: Persons with weak kidneys should avoid this herb.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Accumulation of toxins; Arthritis; Broken Blood vessels; Cellulitis; Rheumatism; Sciatica; Colic; Flatulence; Indigestion; Hemorrhoids; Amenorrhea; Dysmenorrhea; To aid Labor; Cystitis; Urinary Infection. Key Qualities: Refreshing; Stimulating; Warming.

Other Uses: Parsley was used in funeral rites by the Greeks; it was held sacred to Persephone. It was wound into funeral wreaths and used to decorate tombs. It is also placed on plates of food to guard it from contamination. Parsley is used in purification baths.

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