Neem Seed Oil

Neem Seed Oil

Latin Name: azadirachta indica
Alternative Name: nimba, margosa, indian tulip tree oil
Forms Available: oil

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Neem Seed Oil – azadirachta indica – The neem seed kernel is very rich in fatty acids, often up to 50 % of the kernel’s weight.  Neem seed oil is very bitter with a garlic/sulfur smell; it contains vitamin E and other essential amino acids.  Neem oil is an excellent moisturizing oil that contains compounds with historical and scientific validity as medicinals.  Neem is also known as Nimba, Margosa or Indian Tulip Tree Oil, which is a traditional treatment for severely damaged skin.  Neem seed oil is not an essential oil.

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As a natural pesticide: Using neem derivatives for managing pests is a non-violent approach to controlling pests. Neem products work by intervening at several stages of the insect’s life. They may not kill the pest instantaneously but incapacitate it in several ways. Neem very subtly employs effects such as repellence, feeding and ovipositional deterrence, growth inhibition, mating disruption, chemo-sterilization, etc.  Extracts from neem have shown incredible success with not only battling fungus problems but also many forms of root rot. Neem biodegrades in a matter of weeks when exposed to the sunlight. Pure Neem oil will retain its potency much longer if stored in a cool place away from strong light.


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