Latin Name: jasminum officinale
Alternative Name: jessamine, yasmin, moonlight on the grove
Forms Available: absolute, flower, whole

Jasmine – Jasminum officionale – Common Jasmine is a deciduous shrub with strongly scented, white summer flowers.
The flowers make a tea that calms the nerves and increases erotic feelings. Steep two teaspoons of flowers per cup of water for twenty minutes. The dose is a quarter cup,, four times a day. The oil of the leaf is rubbed on the head to heal the eyes. A syrup of jasmine flowers and honey will help with coughs and lung complaints. The essential oil of jasmine is said to help menstrual pain and lung problems.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Aphrodisiac; Dry, greasy, irritated skin; Muscular spasms; sprains; Coughs; Hoarseness; Laryngitis; Frigidity; Labor Pains; Uterine Disorders; Depression; Nervous Exhaustion; Stress Related Conditions.

Other Uses: Symbolic of the moon and of the mysteries of the night. Jasmine essential oil is useful for sexuality. The flowers will also draw wealth and money if carried, burned or worn. Jasmine will also cause prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom.

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