Latin Name: prunus serotina
Alternative Name: black cherry, wild cherry, sweet cherry -p. avium, virginian prune, chokecherry -p. virginiana.
Forms Available: fruit, bark, wood

Cherry – prunus serotina – A Druid sacred tree, chips of the wood or bark were burned at Celtic festivals especially Sabbats. Also known as Black Cherry, Wild Cherry or Chokecherry -P. virginiana. Chokecherry bark tea is used to clear the throats of singers and public speakers, the powdered berries were once used to improve the appetite. If you’ve never tried chokecherry jelly, you’ve missed a real treat. CAUTION:The stone is poisonous.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: An expectorant. Helps bronchitis, colds, dry coughs.

Other Uses: Wood and Fruit Juice – Creativity; Healing; Long been used to attract Love; Cherry juice is used as a substitute for blood in old recipes.

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