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Latin Name: elettario cardamomum
Alternative Name: amomum cardamonum, alpinia cardamomum, matonia cardamomu, cardamomum minus, amomum repens, cardamomi semina, cardamom seeds, malabar, cardamums, ebil, kakelah seghar, capalaga, gujattati elachi, Ilachi, ailum
Forms Available: essential oil, ground, seed

Cardamom – elettario cardamomum – This perennial bears violet-striped white flowers and aromatic green fruits on erect or trailing racemes. The seed pods are an expensive spice, sold as whole green, bleached, or sun-dried cardamom. The seeds are digestive, stimulant, and antispasmodic, and rhizome is given for fatigue and fever. The essential oil from almost-ripe fruits is used in liqueurs and perfumes. Cardamom seeds are a symbol of hospitality.

Aromatherapy & Health Uses: Nausea; Coughs; Headaches; Aches; as a Digestive and Tonic; Dyspepsia; Mental Fatigue; Nervous Strain; Halitosis; Anorexia; Colic. Key Qualities: Cephalic; Aphrodisiac; Warming; Comforting; Refreshing; Uplifting; Penetrating; Soothing.

Other Uses: Cardamon essential oil brings a nice jolt of energy to live and sexually oriented formulas. Burn for love spells or use in love sachets. The ground seeds are added to warmed wine for a quick lust potion. They are also baked into apple pies.

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