Latin Name: malus spp
Alternative Name: fruit of the gods, fruit of the underworld, silver branch, the silver bough, tree of love
Forms Available: fruit, juice, vinegar, cider, wood

Apple – malus spp. – A Druid sacred tree. The apple is a symbol of immortality. A branch of the apple which bore buds, flowers and fully ripened fruit, sometimes known as the Silver Bough, was a kind of magical charm which enabled its possessor to enter into the land of the Gods, the underworld, in Celtic Mythology.
Apples clean the liver, cure constipation, and tone the gums. When baked they can be applied as a warm poultice to sore throats and skin inflammations. The cooked apple is especially laxative. The peeled raw apple helps with diarrhea. The cider corrects intestinal flora, reduces stomach acidity, corrects gas, and helps the kidneys; take three or four cups a day.
Apple cider vinegar and water make a rinse to restore hair, scalp and skin; use equal parts of vinegar and water. Blondes should use white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar, water, and honey aid digestion when taken with meals; use two teaspoons of vinegar to a glass of water, add honey to taste.

Other Uses: Wiccan altars are often piled high with apples during Samhain for the apple is considered to be one of the foods of the dead. For this very reason Samhain is sometimes known as “Feast of Apples”. Apples are considered symbols of life and immortality.

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